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Day 4 - Feeling abit rough

Hey Everyone! Looks like we have survived the weekend! woop! So I am going in to day 4 soon, as i hit the 72 hour mark at 13.40 :D but my god do i feel ROUGH! I feel tired, headachey and just abit down trodden really. im surpised i havent cried lol

I still have no desire to smoke, like smoking is just not an option for me anymore. I have been taking codien the last 3 days to help with sleeping so im sure that has something to with feeling groggy (and probs got a addiction to that now). I wont use it tonight and im hoping by wednesday i will feel like a human being again!!

All in All...very happy to make it to here, its the hardest part and the part im sure you will all agree we fear the most :( I look foward to the rest of my life just being smoke free :D xx

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good Morning!

Well done for surviving the weekend, I find them the toughest.

Giving up smoking is an emotional rollercoaster, just dont give in whilst having any bad times and its sooo worth it

I felt rough too at the beginning of my quit. I guess its the withdrawal symptoms, your body adapting to the new and improved you.

read through some of the later threads and prepare yourself some are really helpful

Good luck and well done on getting here!


Hi Nikki,

I've been taking 30mgs codeine at night for 10 years and never had any effects during the day. I take it for a damaged nerve which keeps me awake. I wouldn't worry unless you are taking it during the day as well.

I felt groggy for weeks when I first stopped smoking. Couldn't concentrate on anythiing and could sleep round the clock. Stay strong.


Thanks for the encouragment guys :p I cant wait till the 3 week mark, I can feel the nico demon in my belly dying its just that he is taking his sweet time!! :rolleyes:

Una thats really good to know, It must just be the nicotine withdrawal then. I have been taking it in the day the last few days but i will stop that from today and just 30mg at bed time for a week, plus it does make me feel....chilled! which is what a new quitter needs!! :D

Max it is hard to explain isnt it. I guess before smoking would of been the only option to end this uncomfortable bit (clearly as its nicotine!) but now i dunno...i see it as making it worse rather than better like its the last thing any of us should do! My view on smoking has changed loads. I see it as an illness now, a disease. Not my friend like i used to :D Like any illness...You just gta wait to get better theres no magic cure ay!


That's good Nikki, it's easy to get addicted to something that makes you feel chilled. Taking it just at night gives you a long break in between. I wouldn't take it for longer than that unless on docs orders. Try rescue remedie. I used that in the beginning.


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