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Good Morning All

Im still smoke free and I hope you all are too!

I had a major bad craving when I woke up yesterday morning. I think its because I took my patch off on saturday night. If I leave my patch on through the night it gives me enough NRT to cope first thing in the morning. I put a patch on right away, I cant believe I considered smoking. I though to myself, well Im not going to be with my non smoking OH today so go on.... I was like no nic bugga off! And I stomped on his nastiness! Have that nic!

Got my fresh patch on today, itcharooooooo lol

Hope you are all well


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thanks max, Cant wait to start weening off the patches :-)


I went swimming last night with my friend. I didnt wear my patch- I thought it looked horrid on my arm, but alas it left the dreaded red square so people saw that anyway.

I didnt have a craving the whole evening. I think I took it off about 7ish. I woke up with another major craving, so wearing the 24 hour patches is probably better for me as they give you that extra oof so you dont wake up craving.

Ive popped my patch on once I got to work, still itching away so i know its doing its thang. Gosh Im so tired this morning!! Im going to blame the weather! its miserable here!


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