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No Smoking Day
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First weekend without them NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Hi all,

So i am approaching the first weekend without cigarrettes and am slightly nervous. I just wondered how others in the same boat are thinking of dealing with it. Sherri i know you are at the same stage. Also for those who have gone through it how did you cope the first one?

Tonight should be ok as i am looking after my niece for the night and tomorrow so im not exactly going to party.

Its tomorrow thats the problem. I have a dinner party at someones house. The people that own the house are chain smokers and smoke indoors. The other friends going are also heavy smokers. All of us like a drink. In the past i used to join them puffing away. I used to look forward to these evenings but this one i am dreading.

Think i'll lay off the booze and keep my spirits up (excuse the pun). Seems to be working so far. Every time i start to feel nostalgic and sad i force myself to act cheery even if i am not feeling it.

It appears the after a few verses of 'im too sexy for my shirt' in the middle of the office at work usually does the trick.

Bring on the weekend!!!!!!

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Hi there

I was also a little nervous about my first weekend but it was ok actually. For the dinner party, probably best to just have a few drinks and not get to the point when your defences are weakened. Don't worry about the heavy smokers - it will probably disgust you when you smell it.

It will be a challenge but I'm sure you will sail through it. Just remember why you have stopped!



Liking the singing therapy, excellent and a great tip.

Maybe take some NRT or sweets to suck which can help with cravings.

I was always told to be careful especially in the 1st 4 weeks so maybe you could plan a few boring weekends after this one. You seem to have mastered getting yourself over boring craves so keep it up cos your doing very very well. Good luck for the weekend xx :):)



I would be inclined,to be honest,to give the weekend dinner party a miss if you are that worried about it.:rolleyes:

Smoking and alcohol make a formidable duo in combination,add in lots of smokers and a fun social atmosphere and the fact that you have not yet been through a smoke free weekend,and you put yourself under a Hell of a lot of pressure to avoid fags.

If you do go for it,best of luck!! :cool:

Cheers Max, and to everyone who replies, you are all a great help.

Do you wanna hear something really dumb? The plot thickens even more. The friends whos house we are going to think that i have quit since new year. I just couldnt tell them when i fell off the wagon. I would get through previous dinner parties by leaving the dog at home untilthe food was eaten and then going to get him on my own. Then he needed to go outside to pee at least every thirty minutes. Oh and he doesnt go unless i take him round the block. Pathetic but i did it.

I think i will have to go. It will be tough but thats life i guess. I made this bed and i B****Y well better not moan if its uncomfortable!!!!

Cheers again.



I do feel your pain because this weekend wil be my first non smoking weekend as well. I am nervous too, very. My husband still smokes and smokes indoors. I live with it every night since i stopped smoking. And although it was ok to get through, a weekend is a whole other story because it's the whole day.

You know what, we will get through this weekend!!!:cool: We are strong enough and wise enough to know that JUST ONE FAG put's a stop to all our hard work. We will not give in.:D


:eek: Sorry, i only saw the date now. Still, i will overcome this weekend. :D:D


Weekend 2 doesnt feel much easier than weekend 1 did so i am still roght there with you.

I managed by the skin of my teeth last weekend, but the important thing is i managed. It will be tough for you but it is not impossible.

Just take it hour by hour.


Thank you Jarvis, hour by hour it is...not looking forward to it.

Good luck to you too!;)


Keep the faith guys! You can do it!!

I've been lucky enough to organize a couple of non smoking, non social, curl up in bed if i want weekends. I should have a fair few weeks before I have to share a social atmosphere with smokers.

But something Jarvis said made me think. grab a kiddie, take them to the zoo the theme park any kiddie friendly environment were smoking so oh so unacceptable. I think I'll use that for my third weekend when OH will no doubt want to do something. I don't (I mean didn't!) smoke around kids so hopefully putting myself is a situation where I normally wouldn't smoke will help with the cravings and habits.


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