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8 months on Monday

It's been great to read everyone's stories on here and I have been inspired by the successes and thoughts on this forum. Now almost 8 months into my quit, and just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings.

This is my third serious quit, and so far the second longest (managed 3 months the first time, and a year the second). It's the first time I haven't spent the entire time fighting cravings and having to consciously maintain my resolve. It definitely feels different, and also permanent this time which is a nice place to be. The nicotine withdrawal took 3 days. The rest is pure psychology, and I felt I prepared well this time.

About the only downside I've experienced is that I gained 2 stone in weight which I couldn't really afford to gain. I can't really explain how this has happened, as I haven't replaced cigarettes with food at all. At least it is now it's coming off again slowly (8lbs so far) so it is only temporary. Interesting though that as an overweight non-smoker, I feel far fitter and happier than I did as a relatively slim smoker.

It's nice to lie in bed at night without that wheeze and "crackle" from my chest as I breathe. It's nice to be able to enjoy playing with the kids or enjoy a long film at the cinema without that nagging thing at the back of my mind about when I can escape and have a fag. Enjoyable things are now more enjoyable. Less enjoyable things are still exactly the same. The net result is a gain.

I still credit the Allen Carr method with the relative ease of this quit (compared to the other two). I know that I could go down the petrol station right now, buy 20 B&H, spark one up and it would do absolutely nothing for me apart from taste awful. I've now experienced all my former trigger points (stress, relaxation/holiday, anger, boredom, drunkenness) and not once have I been tempted to light up. I've been to the smoking shelter with colleagues at work while they smoked, and not once been tempted to ask. It really is like something deep inside my brain has been rewired. That said, I am not complacent, and I know I could wake up in the morning and feel differently. The brain is a very weird thing.

So that's about it really. Hopefully something in here is of use/help to someone.

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As Max says, great post.

This is defo the one for you:). Well done my love:).

Fi x


fellow stoptoberer

Well done limpet .. I had my 8 month milestone too this week

Ican identify with all you have said..apart from the weightloss bit ...:mad:

A very dear friend of mine is in his first week of quitting and I have directed him towards this forum for support ..i dont think he has posted yet but im sure he is reading

Stories like yours are an inspiration.


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