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Day 3 banging headache and a narky pants

Ok, so day 3 of being a complete non smoker but had one week of one a day before then so feeling quite far ahead on my quitting journey

Banging headache today that won't budge. Also a bit of a narky parky and still feeling a bit like ive lost my best friend rather than ive gained my life back. Also stressing big time that im going to start piling on the weight - ive worked so hard to get to my target weight that the prospect of putting weight on without eating extra is really freaking me out....

on the plus side cravings are definitley subsiding now my habits have been re-assesed...

hope this subsides soon...:(

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I struggled with banging headaches and then suddenly realised in my efforts to avoid the cuppa and a ciggie trigger I wasn't drinking anything like enough. Once I actually started to count my fluid intake and make myself drink at least 2 litres a day the headaches went away - could be worth a try!

On the munchies front, I would suggest getting yourself in to Aldi and stocking up on their sugar free sweeties and buying a load of fresh fruit and other healthy snacks. Someone on here suggested frozen grapes and I am now hooked on them!

Well done on getting to Day 3, I know it's a really rough ride but you're almost over the worst so just keep on keeping on - you're doing GREAT!!!:D:D:D

What Kat said!!

The other thing I found was that because smoking dried my mouth out (and as I started smoking more that got worse - why didn't I listen to my body? :/) I used to carry a bottle of water around with me. Obviously when I stopped smoking, I stopped needing that so wasn't drinking nearly enough which gave me headaches too - plus drinking water is flipping good for you *and* it helps take the edge off your craves.

Sugar free gum (Extra is my fave) really helped me with craves and the munchies too - it gives you something to do with your mouth and because you're chewing it fools your brain into thinking you're eating!!If that didn't work, then pink wafers :p

Feeling lost is really normal - we've all smoked for years and stopping is a hell of a shock but you soon get over that. It's the addict part of your brain trying to guilt or scare you into having a fag.

Good luck!!


thanks ladies. am drinking pints and pints of water which is fabydocious for my skin but not so great for the bladder particularly at work!! i'm sure they all think im up to something dodgy with my increased visits to the ladies not only for yet another pee but for the odd e cig puff whenever the big cravings take over......

i am trying to eat more fruit and yoghurt etc as i daren't even try chocolate with my new tastebuds or i will just be starting another addiction - i know what im like ;)


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