No Smoking Day
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woo day 1 nearly over!!

Hey! been while since i have been here! I have been doing quite well, managing to keep the smokes down to about 4 a day. But the bit i HATE about smoking is the need/want for it. I hate the actually addiction most, makes me feel vunerable. So i kept the fags down until i had a nice gap for CT quit.

So i decided as i so happen to have no plans for the next 4 days why not sit at home and get this worst bit over and done with? I find taking co-dean really helps take the edge of cravings btw guys, but makes you sleepy as well, so kills some time:D but makes u so chill that you kind of dont care for abit.

So im 9 hours into the CT now and it is starting to settle in and it feels rank :( its a shame that NRT method still has this at the end or i would use NRT for sure.

good luck everyone :) xxxx

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Feeling good so far max so that is defo the aim anyways! :) xx


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