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Tabex-Quit date 22-03-13 Day 4


Saturday 25-05-13

Woke up, been on my little brown Tabex pills now for 4 days, (dropped from 6 every 2 hours, days 1-3, to 5 every 2.5 hours as instructed), they are doing something.

The buzz or headiness you get when having your first cig has gone, just left with an odd taste in the mouth.

Have noticed an increase in wind, mainly of the burp variety.

Took missus to work and settled down for some me time after daily chores done.

Dinner time, time for a cig, had a couple during course of the morning, still have that feeling of why am I out here in the rain. Time between cigs appears to also have increased, feel I have had fewer than normal over last 6 hours.

Eat a dinner snack, back outside, and this is when for me it hit.

Theoretical stopping point is 5-8 days on these tablets, but at this point I don't see any reason to keep smoking, STRANGE :confused:.

So, after throwing half a cig away, come inside and empty the remnants of my backy and rolling papers into the bin, followed by the tin itself.

Have tried this before and always felt a loss whilst doing it, no such feeling this time, if anything more a feeling of joy.

Not going to tell anyone, as that may cause me to feel pressured as it has in the past, if people notice, so be it.

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Agree with the necessity to be wary, but as i posted in the day 1 thread, had been introduced to this by a work colleague, and then did some googling.

Amazing what you can find, especially that this particular tablet-formulation has been around so long in eastern europe.

Well worth a read for any interested, am definitely not seeing the severe side affects that can and have been seen with champix.

Am also not saying that Tabex is the be all and end all to stopping, but as to further my recovery from this addiction, I wanted to note what I felt like and how it affected me personnally, everyone is different in that respect, and felt a forum such as this, where people are coming to help cure there addiction would be a good place to start.


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