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Sweet Smell Of Summer

Tonight I went outside a smelled summer. The kind of summer smell I remember when I was a kid. I guess smoking has deprived me of that sweetness all of these years. I am going out of town with family for a few days. The first thing I packed was my "No Smoking Survival Kit". Sunflower seeds, gum, cinnamon sticks etc...... One thing I will miss is this support group. :(

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Have a lovely time!! We will be here when you get back!!!



Have a great time and we'll see you when you get back! :D xxx


Have a fab time Melzee and enjoy yourself :D :D xx


That's great to hear. I was out just before midnight last night and it was lovely with a really mild breeze. On that breeze was that lovely smell of summer you talk about. Have a great break :D


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