No Smoking Day
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difficult day

If I could swear I would, today has been a day of none stop craving.

Intense in your face craving, since morning till 3pm ish.

In 21 days none of my cravings have even come close to this, Blimey!.

Just been for a intensive short run, did some weights, thats taken the edge of it.

Im armed with yoghurt, apple's, pears and water.

My mouth has been watering like hell today, knew I'd have a bad day, but it kind off caught me by suprise.


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Cheers Max, and now I totally get it, how strong nicotine is.

No wonder it can take numerous attempts to quit.

But I will vouch for exercise , if I didn't have my daily routine I think I may have given in.

Everyone here ( he shouts) exercise is the ultimate crave killer.

Pheww, back on later, making some paella for Mrs :)


Well the craving has gone, VICTORY!

I also think I know what triggered it, my breakfast.

Bear with me on this, during my quit ciggies program ( the reduction to the actual quit) my breakfast has changed from bacon sarnies/ fry up to porridge with fruits.

I find it lighter, fresher and less savoury , the fryup was the exact opposite and was always washed down with sweet cuppa and a smoke.

Today my brain went ' oooh wheres that smoke I want it ', even though at the time I didn't make this association.

Amazing so many little triggers, which can set off the crave.

Guys cheers for the motivation, appreciated big-time.

ps I've exercised for years, so fryup is naughty but nice.


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