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Hello At Last


Been keen to post for a while, but the registration for here seems to have been playing up. I have enjoyed reading people's posts and am keen to share my experience.

I quit on 9th May, have been using a combination of patches, inhalator and the psychology of Allen Carr (except the don't use NRT bit). As a package I am so pleased to say it's working for me.

I started on 21mg patches, by day 6 they had me feeling awful and so cut down to 14mg and all has been well since. I am now stretching the 14mg to 36 hours or cutting up my remaining 21mg patches. I know the instructions say you shouldn't but seems fine (and sensible to me). My logic, I do have one, is to avoid getting into a rut with repetitive daily patch use, so I'm trying to get the supply of nicotine, but kind of irregular and decreasing. Same with inhalator, one cartridge used to last one day, now it's up to two days.

Overall it works for me. My proudest achievement is to deal with cravings but using bits of Allen Carr:

1. Tell myself I don't "need" a cigarette, it's just my brain looking for its nicotine fix.

2. Remind myself that I know that the addiction is easy to overcome, hey, when I smoked I went 9 hours every night without one.

3. Remember just how vile the cigarette is. Only have to look at or picture in my mind my neighbour's overflowing garden ash tray, uugghh!!!

4. Finally, as a non-smoker, just like 90% (ish) of the world population, who needs the addiction eh? I wasn't born with it and don't have it now.

By the time I have done that the craving has gone, with the help of a few deep FRESH breaths.

Sorry to go on a bit, but I wanted to share my most wonderful news with people who can see where I am at - I hope. And, let's be honest, just boast that I've given up. This really is something that makes me proud, if I can encourage or support anyone along the way that would be a beautiful bonus.

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Hello and welcome ,

Yup giving up is worth shouting about :) , none smokers can never understand how flipping addictive these things are, but we do and ****** well done on your quit:).

My poor wife has to listen to me on a daily basis saying ' its amazing I don't smoke' 'omg I haven't had a smoke' ' ive saved x amount of cash' etc lol.

But it makes me feel great , which is what motivates us quitters even more.

This forum is great, so much advice and support, the cryptic song thread is a laugh but can make you go ferret lol.

Regards baly


Exactly what Baly said!

This is a great place to boast how great you are doing - and it's also a great place to reach for help if you are feeling a little out of sorts. Good job on your quit strategies!!! Sound like they are working for you. Fight the Fight and win!:D


Hey Peebee and welcome to the forum!

This is wonderful to hear; a big well done to you! :) It sounds like you're doing great and have a lot of confidence. That will help you a great deal in the first few weeks, so keep up the positive energy!



Sorry to go on a bit, but I wanted to share my most wonderful news .

Don't apologize. Post often. Ramble on. Brag if you want. :D

You never mentioned how long you've been quit (or I missed it), but even if it's one day, Congrats......


Thank you all for the encouragement and accepting my wish to boast. Three weeks have now whistled by and I'm going strong. Part of me wants to stop counting the days, it seems negative, but I'll stick with counting them as I can see a value in doing so.

Plenty of time to stop counting days in the future when it's a distant memory ....


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