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34 days and I'm soooo ratty


I cannot believe the mood swings I am experiencing with this quit. Some days I'm so happy with life and then others like today I could kill anyone who dares to breathe my air! What is all that about?

I really don't like these drastic changes in my moods. I'm generally quite a happy, laid-back person. My poor kids seem to be bearing the brunt of my moods. They have been very good though. When they asked me to stop being so grumpy, I snapped back at them "Well you can't have everything - either I'm a mild mannered smoker or a grumpy non-smoker". Not really fair of me, I know!

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Thx Max. I really do have faith, I just hate this person I become from time to time. It's really not fair to my loved ones. I really hope these days become few and far between.

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