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5 days & 13 hours.....feeling better

Good afternoon all. Thanks for all the support & encouragement last night, boy did i need it.

Sophie you sound a lot like how i feel! A lot of similarities. Its true i think my cravings maybe at the end of the day, which is when i would smoke most anyway.

I feel proud to have reached this far today and hopefully i will reach week 1. I have kept busy today, been to the park with kids and now cooking a roast.

I have been doing a lot of reading on the internet. I'm on the site why quit. It is very helpful to me and its like an e-book so i can just pick up my phone when i have a minute and educate myself that little bit more.

I'm sure i'll be back on tonight for some support but as for now i'm doing great and smoking is at the back of my mind. I need to work on my mood though ive been snapping at the kids something rotten!

Hope your all doing well & staying strong.


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YAY for feeling better hun, you will get more and more good times and less bad ones!!

Pretty much everyone here has been through the rubbish, and we got out the other side - so now we want to get you through it too :D:D

Whenever you need support, just shout!!

People said this to me at first and I thought they were just being nice but it's not going to be long until you're always feeling great, smelling great and lots richer too!!

Keep going, you're doing fab xxx


Good to hear you're better today Lady K ;)


Well done for weathering the storm. Yes, I'm having the same problems (you'd think I'd expect it, having been thru this before) It just goes to show you that, sometimes, no matter how much you want to quit or how much you prepare yourself for's a bit like having kids...the image is nowhere NEAR the reality! Just bear in mind that what you are feeling is normal for some of us addicts...& that somewhere, someone is going thru exactly what you're going thru (me, for one). You have done brilliantly, you have stayed the course &, eventually, you WILL be proud of yourself & what you've achieved. Warn your family, as I did, that you're having a really c r a p time, quitting. Everyone is creeping round me (my husband just keeps wrapping me in a bear hug whether I'm crying or frothing!) Do NOT beat yourself up about your temper or your will pass. It may not happen overnight & it may take a while. I've just realised that I haven't touched my E cig today...I've had a few tears & thrown my rattle out of my pram (so hard, it hit outer space, I think!) but I'm getting thru it. Stay strong....I'm with you xxx


Glad you're feeling better, this site is great for a mine of information never mind support, keep reading and understanding, you'll do it :-)


Yes i'm still battling through. It is definitely a case of one day at a time, trying not to think ahead to much & filling time as much as possible as you say Max.

Wow Sophie how did you feel after you smoked after 3 years of stopping and what made you start again? Sorry to ask, just interested. I stopped when pregnant with my 3rd child but started again when she was 8 weeks. I had a glass of wine and that was it, but then i hadn't realised so much about quitting and addiction. I know more now.

Everyone i know around me is a smoker except 1 friend who i dont see that much. My mum, dad, bro's, sis's, friends, in-laws all smoke. When i'm around them i feel almost an outcast. But then in work (dental) i was one of few smokers and i felt like an outcast then, like i was completely different from them because of smoking.

It seems i have a lot to discover about myself. Some of it is exciting but some of it terrfies me.......



So, so well done to you my love:). You have now IMO passed the worst few days ever of this quitting malarkey! Please, please don't look too far ahead, baby steps all the way. It does get easier, promise!

Love how you and Sohpie are supporting each other:)

Fi x


Hey, LadyK,

Wow Sophie how did you feel after you smoked after 3 years of stopping and what made you start again?

There was absolutely no reason that sent me back to smoking...I just wanted to do it again & I loved it....stupid, eh? I must have a very addictive personality, I think (or I have the mentality of a brick, lol!) Also, the human mind has an immense talent for making you do really stupid things...or is that just me? ;)

How's your day been, today? Mine's been fairly ok...I only welled up once & lost my temper that's an improvement, lol, & I haven't reached for the E cig at all, nor did it cross my mind to use it. Admittedly, I've painted the walls of the hall, stairs & landing, made a sunday dinner for the whole family, played with my grand daughter AND done 2 loads of washing so I've been kept busy! xxx


Bless you Sophie, I soooooo get where you're coming from! I gave up a three year quit once too - because I wanted to smoke! Barmy, no other word for it! Have to credit the Allen Carr re-programming with what's different this time, it's sunk in more this time for some reason!

I threw away an 18 month quit and my reasons were totally and utterly stupid!!

My dad hated me smoking, like really and completely hated it. Anyway we had a row and I decided that it would be a fab idea to stick 2 fingers up to him by having a fag. So I did, then another :mad: And when I calmed down decided ot keep the rest of the fags for nights out and stuff even though I was annoyed with myself - which meant I was smoking again withing a month or so. And how did that feel? When I realised what I'd done it made me cry.

Stupid stupid girl :mad::mad::mad:


Yep nutmeg baby steps it will have to be because anything more & it messes with my head.

Hi sophie. Well you have been a busy bee but thats good take your mind of it & aven't caved so Well done for that!

Yes i understand how easy it is to give up a quit, i mean how easily it can happen. My dad had stopped for 14 months after a mild heart attack and then one day bought a pouch of tobbaco & that was it, back to 30 a day! Such a shame.

I have quite an addictive personality too. Surprisingly though out of a lot of people i know close to me iam the only one who wants to change their life for the better & for us to both get this far for '2 addictive personalities' that is great!

I haven't got upset today. My hubby had he's lay in. I was up with kids, got us all ready, got dinner prepared, took kids park, came back had dinner, popped to the in laws for a few hours & played some more with the kids. Cleaned in between parts too!!! Lol busy, busy, busy. Have just sorted eldest & painted toenails, now here. Ive actually not really thought to much today about smoking. I was also at one of my triggers aswell. My mother in laws house. When i have quit before its been horrendous being there and not smoking because it was a past time & we all drank a lot of tea & coffee and smoked in between playing with kids & eating but today i wasn't bothered at all so a great achievement for me!!! Yeahhhhh 😄

Have you had a drink yet sophie, alcohol? I'm supposed to be going for a meal with work on friday evening. There will be cocktails if i want one but i'm not sure if i should even go let alone have a cocktail???? Worried its too early but at the same time my life cant stop for ever, i will have to get used to these things and also i missing having some fun!!!


Have you had a drink yet sophie, alcohol? I'm supposed to be going for a meal with work on friday evening. There will be cocktails if i want one but i'm not sure if i should even go let alone have a cocktail????

Hell, yes, hun (several)...I make my own wine. It hasn't made me want to smoke at all. Today, with all my kids round didn't trigger a crave. The only thing that did was after I'd finished painting...that was when I used to pop outside for a well earned cig....but it was more of a fleeting regretful crave rather than the full on barstewards I've been getting

Well done on staying calm, LadyK....after what you've been thru with the emotional withdrawals, you have done brilliantly. :D xxx


....& my rough few days have caught up with me. I'm going to have to love you & leave bed is calling me. At least, this time, thanks to the advice of someone who said having a milky drink before bed would stop the insomnia, I'm exhausted & manage to sleep this time...& having been so busy, I'm so tired, I'm drooling like Homer Simpson.

Have a good night & I'll be around tomorrow


Ok sophie nite nite, take care speak tomorrow x


Hi, Ladyk,

How's things for you today? Sorry I left you in the lurch last night but this quit seems to leave me absolutely shattered at the end of the the point where my eyes are closing of their own free will!

Anyway, just popping my head round the door to check on how you are...& then I'm back to finishing painting the damned landing walls (I'll be glad to finish this...starting to develop a pathological hatred for this area right now as I'm on my fourth day of painting it all & there's still so much left to do)

Let me know how you are :D xxx


Hiya Sophie, u ok? Thats fine about last night no worries. I get tired quickly at night now too, i was probably always tired just forcing myself to stay awake to have another cig lol! Sorry its taken me all day to reply. Ive just been busy with the kids and helping my mum. I also had a big drama with my son at he's school this morning, had a meeting with he's teachers about he's behaviour, wasn't good. Then he refused to go to school, it took me half an hour to get him in whilst the other 2 kept running away or was crying. All the time i didn't really think of needing a cig, i was just thinking, breathe, you have to deal with this stress head on now kim. It worked i got through it.

Well its good that you have a project to focus on and your house will look lovely by the end of it! I need a project too.

I have not been too bad today, just getting on with it really. I think my worst crave so far was saturday night. I still have a little sense of that 'empty' feeling or somethings missing. I dont have anything to reward myself with afterwards now either. I will admit i'm starting to pick at food more now, my hunby keeps making these lovely big cookies and i reward myself each night with one and a cuppa whilst i write on here. Do you find your eating more? Or have you started exercising? I haven't yet but will need to!

My mum is trying to quit too but she is very 'old skool' in her smoking habits and her thought process and i try to explain some things to her but its quite hard to express my understanding of my addiction to her and expect her to see it that way, because what i understand of it all now makes a lot of sense. I told her aswell, she needs a lot of support, without it shes gonna find it hard. And she wot just get on the internet and find information. Bless her, she has COPD, shes 63 and been smoking since 35? I hope i can support her as much as i can. Gonna print some stuff off for her.

So how have you fount your day? X


OH, your poor mum....bad enough having COPD without knowing you have to quit. We chose to do it.

Sounds like you had quite a time with your son today....well done for seeing it thru without resorting to the old crutch...or seeing that as a reason to go back to smoking.

I know what you mean about the empty feeling...I get that every time I finish any job like the painting or gardening . I know we're not supposed to look on having a cig as a reward...but, when I did smoke, I did use it as a reward, the same way people reward themselves with chocolate.

The eating thing's been ok so far...I think that's because I started the quit with E cigs...took the edge off. Hoping to go swimming once we've sorted this damn house out (long story...we exchanged & they left it in a s h i t state)...can't go to the gym cos of my arthritis (the result of too much high impact stuff when I was younger combined with nursing)


....on the plus side...I didn't lose my temper & break any paintbrushes today...& I didn't break down & snivel either! Bonus! ;)


....on the plus side...I didn't lose my temper & break any paintbrushes today...& I didn't break down & snivel either! Bonus! ;)

YAY I'm glad you're getting there - it's tough but very much worth it :)

I broke 2 toilet suites when I quit, beat that :p


Hi ladies, it's so nice to see you fighting alongside one another. It always helps to have someone with you who is on the same page ;)

I just wanted to say that your both doing so well and it really is like looking back in time to a couple of months ago in my own quit.

I think the "emptiness" was my least favourite, as it made me sad and opened my eyes to the fact that I leaned on my cigarettes a lot more than I thought.

Anyway, it's really great to see you both sticking it out and I know it won't be long until the initial withdrawal disappears. Hope you're both really proud :) xxx


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