Day 36 tough

Hi all. Well got so far but for some reason it's felt tougher the past two days. Maybe it's because my wife is now smoking and I smell the smoke and watch her light up and drag on her fags. God at times I sooo want one, but so far have resisted. Actually when I pause and consider I don't really want one, it just feels as if I do. But it's still a white knuckle ride. But I must keep going cause I know the alternative, which is to slowly kill myself with these poison sticks. Like you all I must NOT subside. So keep on trucking friends, we can do it. Love Jonno

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  • Jonno, you're doing brilliantly and I really respect you for living with a smoker and not caving in!!

    It must be really tough but you can keep off the fags!! Like Kat says, think how your wife smells after she's smoked - not nice is it? You know you don't want to smell like that!!

    Honestly, I buy a lot of clothes on eBay and can smell which ones come from a smoker's house - it's minging!!

    Hang in there, you can do it and one day even the smell of a lit fag will smell rank to you :)

  • MINGING is the word gem for smoking :D

    Sums up this revolting activity perfectly.


    What I think is really weird now, is that I thought it was cool that I smoked, it was sophisticated and all that - but nope!! It made my breath smell, my hair, my clothes :eek:

    I feel bad for the non-smokers I've kissed 'cos it must have been rank for them :/

    Hey maybe that's why I'm single?

  • Hang in there Jonno, you know it's worth it :D

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