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mirror mirror on the wall

Well, that was an eye opener!

Decided to clean the large mirror I have in my living room (needs to be taken off the wall by two people to be cleaned - so only gets cleaned about twice a year!!!).

Eight dusters, numerous rags and a bottle of glass cleaner later, I have only just managed to get it clean! It was thick with the horrible tar and smoke that I have pumped into the air over the months!

I had a sudden thought.....if that's what smoking does to a mirror, imagine what it's done to your poor body *shudder* :eek:

But hey, bodies repair themselves (hopefully!)so I won't get too freaked out over it! :eek:

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Not a nice thought is it?

But your body does recover very well once you quit so that should be fine :D

Never smoked in my house or car so didn't have anything like that, but ages after yet another failed attempt at smoking rollies (only made a few decent ones) I'm still getting bits of baccy out of my car's carpet :eek:


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