8 months today!


Just an update from Fi,

Well what do you know, 8 months today since I kicked that lowlife Mr Silk Cut outta my life!!! Sorry I have not posted much of late, I haven't been very well (chest infection, much, much better now though). I also find myself thinking less and less about cigs and only really think about smoking when I come on the Forum. I do check in now and then and it's so good to see so many people being successful in their quit journey and also to see the never ending support you guys and girls give.

As many of you know I have found this quit journey relatively easy, sorry! (Just this one I might add, the other 99 unsuccessful attempts I didn't find so easy obviously). I have had feelings of low and lost, insomnia, but that's about it. I ventured into this quit with a quiet, steely determination, and more importantly a different mindset. If only we could bottle the formula eh?

If you really really want to quit, you can, you will, just don't smoke, not ever, not one puff ever.

Thanks so much to everyone for the support and encouragement shown to me:)

And to all the newbies, you can, and will do it:)

Fi x

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  • 8 months is awesome!

    Well done on getting to 8 months Fi, and I am so glad you are feeling better too. I have not been posting much lately either, but I am so pleased I did not miss this:)

  • Ooh massive well done Fi!!

    8 months is absolutely fab, and I'm glad your chest infection's claring up too xx

  • Congratulations Fi, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Not far to the penthouse now.

  • newbie encouraged by you

    Well done on your 8 months smoke free---i may be on day one but you've strengthened my resolve.


  • Big congratulations from me, especially since you have been unwell:(. I do hope you keep I touch so that we can learn from you?! x

  • Well done to you, 8 months is fantastic x

  • Well done Fi! :D xxx

  • Massive well done Fi, knew you'd do it, I'm so chuffed for you and you were one a few months ahead of me so always good to follow you and take your advice - big push now to the penthouse!!! X

  • Great stuff Fi, you've always looked out for everyone so well on this forum, good to be able to return a compliment! Excellent news, you're doing so well!! x

  • Many, many thanks to everyone for the congrats. 8 months quit, it sure does feel good and for the FIRST time ever, I am pleased to say out loud, or type, that I am thinking along the lines that this is my forever quit.

    See still can't say, definitely, never again, done it, confident I won't, etc. etc. What like am I!

    Much love to all

    Fi x

  • Massive congrats Fi, eight months is terrific :D

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