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Missing a confidant


Week one and two days...

Today is one of those depressed days. Nothing seems right. The world is upside down. I miss my 'friend'. He was a comfort when I needed it. I could confide in him without him having a million things to say in return. He could calm me down when I was stressed. I miss that. I have not found a replacement for that yet.

If it was not for my 5 cigarette lapse, today would've been day 39. Now it is just day 9.

Well, still here, fighting the urge. Tomorrow will be a great day!

Ps, whatever happened to Bunny and the others?

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Fags aren't friends LI - friends don't make you die horribly, stink, cost a fortune and age you :)

It's hard to get that feeling shaken though and know exactly what you mean but distract yourself with a book, or games or something!!

Ooh and fags never calmed you down - it felt like it 'cos it shut up your craving but I'm so much calmer for quitting it's unbelievable :) Used to think smoking made me calm but it's a myth!!

Loving that you're being positive though, it's always better tomorrow :D

Don't know what happened to Bunny :(

The thoughts you have put down are familiar to us all. As someone recently posted, smoking is like a Trojan Horse - it appears to be one thing on the outside and we welcome it readily; inside it is something very different and more sinister. Look at the truth behind what you've written:

He was a comfort when I needed it.

NO! Nicotine created the anxiety in the first place, and then by quashing the anxiety, gave you the illusion of comfort. Never forget it only appears to be solving a problem, but the reality is it caused the problem in the first place

He could calm me down when I was stressed.

NO! It was nicotine which made you feel stressed in the first place! Delivering nicotine to satisfy the craves is not calming you down, it is just helping you feel 'normal' - how non-smokers feel all the time.

See nicotine for the CON TRICK that it really is!

Remember how you felt after your 'slip up' - pretty disgusted with yourself? Don't put yourself back in that place. You're over the worst now, just stay focussed on riding the road and accept it may be a little bumpy in the short term.

You can do this - don't ever doubt it:)

You should read this: whyquit.com/whyquit/joelcig...

That might help you to understand what your "friend" is really up to! :eek:


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