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Half a year!

Hey guys, Its been a while since I posted but its now been 6 months smoke free! Blimey who would have thought it! I do want to say a massive thanks to everyone on the forum who supported me during my quit, especially at the beginning, I almost certainly probably would have caved without it and will forever sing this forums praises! The support and information really does make all the difference!

I haven't been on for a while as I am pretty busy offline and also, like others, I don't really think about smoking until I come on the forum so it kind of makes sense not to come on too often!!

To those who are in the earlier stages of their quit, I just want to say yes it does get easier, yes the craves go (ok you have your moments) and yes it is possible to go day to day without even thinking about smoking! When I first quit I read posts like this from older members and thought, yeah right....but its true, honest guv!!! Keep going you will get there and it is so worth it!!!!!!!

I have also lost 2 1/2 stone since Christmas and am exercising like a demon, which is a hell of a lot easier when you're not wheezing or getting a tightness in your chest! Will hopefully be doing a couple of 10K runs later in the year too.

So again I want to say thank you to each an everyone on this forum for supporting me in getting my life back - no longer am I being controlled by my nicotine habit - I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wow Karen :D

Massive congratulations on the milestone and the weight loss. You are such an inspiration :)

Molly x


YAY well done Karen, 6 months is fab!!

Even better to have lost weight as well, you must be so pleased with yourself!! x



So well done my love, so proud of you:). Like you I'm not posting so much now for exactly the same reason as yourself, I too don't think about smoking much now except whilst on here.

However, I do log on now an then to try to encourage newbies and to wish the folks that quit around the same time well:)

Fi xx


Happy sixmonthiversary!

The freedom is just priceless, isn't it? Congratulations on a great achievement.



Wow - six months, and how much weight lost?? Well done Kazzy on both fronts - very inspiring! :)


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