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Day 29. Whew!!

Well I never thought I'd reach this far, especially after the stress of the past few days. There were times when I almost picked up a ciggy but I realised It wouldn't change things and any relief I'd have got from a ciggy would last maybe 5minutes tops and then I would be hooked once again. So I did it albeit by the skin of my teeth.

As I said in my last post my wife has started smoking again albeit only 3 a day. I can't blame her as she is confined to a wheelchair and is severely disabled so her life is restricted to sitting immobile in that damn chair. If I were in her position God knows how I would handle It , smoking would probably be the tip of a self destructive iceberg.

Strangely although I now smell the smoke and watch her puffing on the weed it doesn't bother me, as I don't have the desire to smoke the darned things, so maybe in a strange way it has helped me.

So hats of to all of you you've got me through this far. Hope you are all well .love Jonno.

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Way to go Jonno your doing so well and joining the month 2 room today :D yahhh


Well done Jonno, it takes a superman not to smoke with all the stress you're going through and you're managing - that's excellent!!

You're right, smoking won't change anything it'll just get you back hooked.


Good on ya Jonno you're doing sooo well! :-)


Thanks all

Well, I made it day 30 thanks to all of the wonderful people here. Never thought it was possible. 40 yrs of smoking and here I am smoke free. Wish we could all meet up and have a smoke free rave. Well I'm sitting here in my living room having a celebration strong lager, so here's cheers to you all. Bless you. Love Jonno


Well done Jonno, enjoy your much deserved lager!:D x


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