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Feeling Great


Hello Friends.....Went to Badminton after about 23 days including 17 smokeless days and felt great....beat the guy whom I never in past and to my surprise...I was not short of breath or stamina as I used to before quit....Guess what I used to smoke especially after game and today felt the same ...out of enjoyment came the thought of celebrating the event with "just one"... but somehow I made it coming back home....

Thank you every body for your help

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Way to go Rick! I'm glad to see you've got over your craves from earlier. I'm also on day 17 but fortunately haven't suffered too badly with cravings. I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress but definitely a more positive post than this mornings.

Keep it up and I'll see you on day 18 :D

I'm so glad you're feeling better Rick :)

Well done for battling through it, and whenever you get through a tough patch it gets loads better afterwards!!

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