No Smoking Day
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Good Bye Fags :)

Hey Hey! Back again :) ill never quit trying to quit that is for sure! I posted a thread with a couple of videos on for everyone to watch so i wont explain what has brought me back again.

Its a funny thing really because when i think about what is important to me, like what i want out of life it is -

To be fit and healthy

To stay attractive as long as possible

To have enough money to be that little bit more than comfortable

To help and guide other people to obtain what they want in life.

Smoking actually does the oppisite for me than what i want in life! including number 4 because I am no role model when i cant help myself (I am training to be a mental health nurse in September, i want to works in child and adolescent services).

I think sometimes the penny has to drop and you have to want to quit smoking. Im going on holiday in 18 days and i can actually see myself with a drink in one want and nothing in the other lol I also see myself looking brighter (apparently i glow when i give up lol) and happier in those holiday snaps when i get back:o

Good luck all ill be here for support and to hopefully get support :D xx

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Welcome back mate, your going to smash it this time :)


Thanks everyone im.still.happily not smoking..not to.bothered about it hardly thought of smoking at all! Enjoying a heavier purse already lol


Hi Nicki, so pleased to see you are embracing a quit again.

I watched one of the videos you posted last night, quite powerful, especially when they showed the surgery of the lung (at 21 minutes on the first video) they should show that in schools I think!:rolleyes:

Keep strong and take each day slowly this time.

come on you can do it and clear your holiday smoke free!


i think you can do it


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