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Day 23 nearly done

Hi all, well thats day 23 almost complete and I have to say its getting alot easier. I find myself going significant periods of time without thinking about my "old enemy".

Also starting to breath alot easier when training in the gym, fitness levels are going up and generally starting to feel "well".

Have a stag weekend in Spain at the end of May which is keeping me motivated to go training every day but I also know that will be a huge test as its with 11 lads who all bar a couple are heavy smokers.

But lets face it one week at a time and il deal with that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway hope your all good and stay strong guys!!!

Jay :)

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Well done Jay! :) You just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be just fine. Like you say, take this a step at a time and don't panic too much about the stag do. You seem really positive so I think you'll do great and be really proud when you come home still as a strong non-smoker!!


Really proud of ypu Jay. Well done :D


Well done Jay, going strong as ever. Next stop 1 month. ;)


Oh that's fab, huge well done Jay :D

Don't worry about going out with smokers, just don't drink too much if you feel you might get tempted (ciggies are always more tempting after a few) but like Kat says you won't get so much of a hangover!!

Used to get a fuzzy head pretty often (and I'm not that big a drinker) 'cos I'd smoke myself stupid when I drank but since quitting i hardly get anything :cool:


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