No Smoking Day
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Day 13 has been a PIG!!!

Oh what a day! Regular visit to see a non-smoking relative. I've always spent these days looking forward to my big treat ritual of driving away from her house, down the road into an out-of-sight layby and having the best, most needed fag of the week. Despite my new status, I quietly argued with myself all day about whether or not I was going to buy a pack of 10 on the way home and just have one, and keep the rest for an occasional one-a-day little treat. I was so close to buying them (again, this keep happening) but I didn't. No way would I have succeeded without an e-cig.

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Just realised, it was actually Day 14....I'm exercising my prerogative to ignore two mini-blips I had on Days 2 and 4!


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