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I am still here. Struggling a bit, but D11 well underway - since going medium to well done turkey (stopped taking champix) I think of smoking more often.

I still have some "tremors" in my hands and arms, but the side effects are dwindling - Dr indicated it will take 10 days or so for the champic to wear out.

On the plus side, I don't have the craving for nicotene anymore - its the habit I miss. Stupid, I know.

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Well done getting to day 11, it's a very big step. Can I ask what side-effects you got with champix? I've heard it can make you quite depressed.


Glad you're okay Mario and things are getting easier. Been off the Champix a week myself now and not feeling too bad at you say, it's just the habit we have to crack....difficult but definitely doable :D


It is very much about making it a habit *not* to smoke guys.It was previously very much a habit to smoke and all habits take time to break,the good news is that the smoking habit begins to fade out fairly quickly,after a few months so hang in there :D

This is very true, but it always lurks if you let your attention wander. I've stopped quite a few times :o Of course that could be down to me being a little dim :o


Well done Mario, that's a great achievement!

Hang in there! You're body is going through some pretty big changes at the moment. You've stopped smoking and you've been on and then off champix (haven't used it myself so don't know the effects). The physical habit of holding a smoke in your hand is a nightmare at times, but this does pass. I got to a stage where I would think I wanted a cigarette, then actually try to imagine myself smoking. The feeling at the back of my throat, the nausea and diziness I would no doubt feel from my first few drags. It has always been enough to keep me away. Just the thought of a nicotine rush takes my mind away from that "pang". :o


Thanks for all the positive comments.

I had the most challenging evening so far - my parents came over for dinner and my mother smokes. She was very accomodating as she knows my wife and I quit so she did not smoke in the house.

But i desperately wanted to bum a siggie and have just that one last one. We all know that last one. Its never the last one and i knew if i give in to just one there would be 11 days down the drain. Shyte, i dont want to redo the 11 days again.

Wifey also struggled as this is the first time in 31 days she has come close to anybody that smokes.

Having conquered (and yes it does feel like conquer) the evening without giving in, we are both super chuffed that we succeeded in "hanging in there". We even 'survived' being around my mom while she smokes and having a normal conversation without hyperventilating. It does veel very liberating. We are not as pathetic as we think we are.

Curse you nicotene monster!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D


Well done getting to day 11, it's a very big step. Can I ask what side-effects you got with champix? I've heard it can make you quite depressed.

Apart from the normal insomnia which seems to be a general side effect, in day 16 of taking champix i started noticing my hands were not as stable as they used to be and i had trouble focusing on newspaper sized text. Nothing serious as i ascribed it to the lack of sleep.

However, two days later my hands and forearms were trembling noticably and my eyesight deteriorated so much that i could not read this sized text at all. I also got confused about events during the preceding two days. I was not dpressed though, more concerned, so i stopped taking champix on D18 (d8 of quiting smoking)

I went to the dr today and he confirmed these were some of the less common side effects and that i was correct in not taking champix further. However, people should not be deterred from taking champix as it definately helps in kicking the habit. But, please be aware of changes in your body mind and soul and consult your gp if unsure about anything.


Well done! It's really hard being around smokers for the first time after you have quit. But if you can get through that you know your willpower is strong.


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