No Smoking Day
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Tough day

Well here goes day 17' and for some reason it was tough. I was sitting in the sunshine having a coffee outside costa coffee when that lil nicotine monster sneaked up and hit me with his rhythm stick. God I really craved for that ciggie but I didn't give in. I think it was one of those habit association moments like a cup of coffee in the sunshine always meant a fag, but I realised what was happening, took a few deep breaths and conquered the little bleeder. Tomorrow I see the nurse so that should help. I mustn't allow myself be lulled into a false sense of security after coming this far. Not easy but worth it. Don't give in people WE can do it. Love Jonno

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Well done Jonno! Keep fighting and it'll soon become easier :D

Day 17 is a great achievement so don't let it slip away! X


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