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im very sad

Im very sad today (and Steffi) our lovely Trigger was hit by a bas$"*%* in a speeding pick up truck this morning, and the pig didn't even stop never mind break.

We were out in the fields at 7am like every morning, where we walk is a very quiet part of the country and you may get the old car/truck drive past every hour. But this time trigger was about 150meters away from me (like normal really) and he was close to a dirt track road, i could see this truck heading towards him at about 50 60 mph and there was nothing I could (I was to far away from him). I new it was going to hit him I don't know how I knew but I did. I turned my back I I just heard him yelping, so I ran but he was running towards me, he got to my feet and just dropped to the floor.

To cut a long story short hes in hospital in the vets, he had internal bleeding in which they have managed to stop and we don't think (hopefully) he has broke anything (a miracle). I've just been to see him and he seems a lot better but he is still very poorly, the 1st 24hours are crucial. FINGERS CROSSED.........I will give him all my friends love on this forum.

I don't like revenge but that basta*&* didn't even touch his breaks and it was a straight country road :mad::mad::mad::mad:

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Oh Willpower! I am so sorry to hear that, I can't believe the horrible man didn't even stop!

I really do hope Trigger is ok, he had such an awful life before he found you and Steffi, it would be completely unfair if he was taken from you now.

Sending tons of love, prayers, wishes and good luck vibes over to Cyprus.

Get well soon Trigger x

Molly x


Thank you

Thank you for all of your support and kind words, you are all fantastic :D

and I know Trigger he is a strong loving dog and he's going to be just fine :D:D:D


This makes me so sad. You and Tigger and in my thoughts.


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