No Smoking Day
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well its Day 6

So its Day 6. All I can think of is I have nearly done a week without Smoking a single cigarette.

When I think back to last Friday I was in a state of Flux wanting to quit but not really daring to try. All I could think of whilst smoking was how I didn't want to smoke and how bad I felt about myself for doing it.

And look at me today quite excited with clean me and defiantly much cleaner house. The difference is amazing. :D

Who would have thought it.

Hope everybody has a really good smoke free day.


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Well done to you,it gets easier as you go on ,I'm fast approaching 1month, so stay strong and be lucky:)


Ah that's a nice positive comment to read first thing, cheers!

Im really looking forward to saying I've been quit for a week, 1st milestone reached.

Have a fab smoke free day everyone



well done to both Tic and Chris,

nice clean houses and cars, clean fresh smelling clothes and hair and breathe, easier breathing, not having to go outside in the cold, increases sense of smell(not always a good thing) and taste...the list goes on. next week even more things will start to improve-skin becomes brighter i noticed and feet warmer due to circulation( def not due to summer coming)

OH and all that lovely money left to treat yourself :D:D

I look forward to reading your journeys over the next week xx


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