No Smoking Day
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Day 20 :d

yay its a wequit record for the bunny ;)

I had a great weekend, im totally out of money now so will have to wait until payday for bunny's next adventure. Im even out of petrol now so I have to hop all the way to work!

I couldnt have gone on my adventures if I kept smoking I would have ran out of money a looong time ago.

next payday i think i should calm down the excessive spending. After all thats one of my reasons for giving up smoking!

Someone needs to lock my bank card away :D

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Woohoo, go Bunny!! :D

Isn't it fab to be having real fun with your money instead of spending it on those horrible white sticks?


omgosh yes! just a shame im overtreating myself :D

oh well hehehehehe what a shame!

It seems to be working though. I just really need to stop acting like an 8 year old with their parents credit card :cool:


ohhh well done bunny! tomorrow you will ahve completed three whole weeks ( I am looking forward to when i can say that:))

if you had carried on smoking you would still be skint but have nothing to show for it and smell etc! Enjoy the treating after all you deserve it :D:D


thanks treacle ;)


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