No Smoking Day
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End of Day 26 go me :)

Hey everyone, hope your all well!

All's good here, enjoying a nice week off work so been taking my son out on day trips here and there, it's so great putting our hard earned money to treats than killing ourselves with it! Also love how I'm able to run round the play areas with my son without feeling out of breath!

Started getting a bit of a nasty cough this evening though, I don't know if I've cought a cold or my lungs are cleaning themselves but at least it won't stay around as long as before as I no longer smoke :D

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:eek:Well done Mrs M... fab stuff and hope you are feeling very proud. Hope nasty cough sorts itself soon , given the weather and that its Spring ??? its probably a cold, if not it may be your lungs starting to get rid of the nasty stuff which has accumulated over the years :eek:

wishing you well in your quit

Donna x



Thanks Max and Donna! Yeah this is the one for many of us :D


Excellent work MM. A month under the belt :)


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