No Smoking Day
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Goodbye month 2 :(

It's been great in in here but this is my last day with you all...

Cos woohooooooo i'm moving in to month 4 tomorrow, can hardly believe it - the longest i've ever gone is 4 months so this is my big test now & I feel in my heart & mind that i've cracked it this time :)

Not counting the days as much now & i've already saved over £500, there is no way i'm going back to the old stinky smokey me!! :eek:

Onwards & upwards & here's to month 4 :)

ps: Can I have a couple of bottles of cold wine waiting for me tomorrow, I might even share if you're good :D

Denise x

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Ooh congratulations Denise, you're powering through this!! :D

You're feeling better, you're richer and you're not dependent on the stupid cigarettes any more, how fab is that? x


Ah well done to Denise, going at this rate aye i think you have cracked it, doing great !! :)


Well done denise, am a day behind you, keep me a seat again please x


Denise and Hels

A huge well done you two:). You are both doing fab:)

Fi x


Thanks all :) I'm shuffling off to month 4 now, woohoooo get them in!! :D



Well done on three months Denise and Hellers, Chablis on ice ladies! Great stuff! :)


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