No Smoking Day
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Still going strong

Went to another party last night, surrounded by smokers and did not get the slightest itch. It is wonderful to be smoke free, and to smell nice. Until you stop then stand near a smoker do you realise how awful you smelled. Slowly going through my summer wardrobe and washing my smelly clothes. I now believe I am going to make it this time. Too many failed quits in the past, but really do feel different about it this time. Think it is just my time to finally be free from the demon nicotine.

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It is great isn't it? That freedom is priceless.

I went through my wardrobe too, but only to put all in a bin bag and take to a charity shop cos they dont fit now:(


Tell me about it Haze! Me too :D

That is a terrific post Jeannie, when I quit I honestly didn't believe that I would stay quit for about the first 6 weeks. The feeling I got when I realised I could actually do it was one I will remember for the rest of my life.

I felt so proud of myself, and realised that I am actually a strong person. I also felt a tremendous sense of freedom, along with too many other emotions to count, I know huge relief was in there as well though. Nothing will ever control me again as long as I live!

Keep going Jeannie, you've got this cracked lass :D

Molly x


Well done Jeannie:) sounds as though you have nailed it this time. Its a great feeling to be free from the smoking trap and I hope your quit continues to go smoothly for you .

Donna x


I have put quite a bit of weight on but am now determined to take it off again. I lost 6 stone last year so had to buy a complete new wardrobe so I really need to still be able to fit in last summers clothes. Going back on weight watchers tomorrow, allowing myself some last Easter indulgences today, think I deserve them after 5 weeks no smoking.


I have a term for the smell coming of a smoker. It's FAGFART. It gets stronger the nearer they get to you - epecially in pubs or clubs where the loud music requires closer oral input! I keep thinking my poor family had this every time I popped out for a quicky. :eek:


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