No Smoking Day
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Come on day sixers

We can do it. :)

We have got this far, i was just reading what Gemma put on another post (i think it was yours BlueB) and she summed up exactly how i feel at the moment.

The first rush of excitement is wearing off, i have had a headache since day 1 and i dont actually feel very well.

Nothing specific just the usual quitting symptoms. Stuffy nose, out of breath, im not sleeping well at night, i have been eating stuff i never would have done, i sat on the settee last night and had tears in my eyes for no reason, just a wave of sadness came over me.


I am not smoking, i havent had a cig since last Thursday at 8am, :D.

I keep telling myself of course it isn't easy to stop, if it was, hardly anyone would smoke and everyone could stop and start as they liked.

I am determined to stop once and for all this time, so come on day sixers (and everyone else), we can do it. :p

My patch is on and i'm ready....

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Keep going

Hi Mabsky

Good on you for reaching day 6 - that's magnificent.:)

Yes, there are times when it can be difficult BUT you would feel a lot worse if you gave in. The bad days do pass.


Please note, that this reply is not to brag but to encourage you that THINGS GET BETTER.

Day 33:

Breathing is now much better and I don't run out of breath as easily.

Skin is as soft as a baby's bottom!

The headaches have gone, along with the palpatations I was having on a daily basis.

The doubt and fear has been replaced with optimism and pride :)

I'm aure there are a few more to add to that as well.

Well done all you Day Sixers! Hang in there, it gets better! :D


Thanks sarah and everyone who has posted.

This is just exactly what i need, success stories :o

Will catch you all tonight and have a good day xx


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