No Smoking Day
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Hi everyone

Good evening all, just thought i would check in and say hi..

It is now 13 hours since my last fag and i am absolutely determined to quit once and for all.

I have been smoking for over 30 years with a few years break inbetween.

I have patches to put on in the morning, and inhalator for emergencies and loads of determination !!!

I have joined a gym as well in the hope this will break my habit of smoking in the morning and the theory being that if i feel fitter that will spur me on to not smoke.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Im half way through my full proper day of not smoking.

Patches must be working and had a piece of gum earlier.

Had really bad craving a bit ago but made some veg soup and just had a bowl of that. Seems to have gone for a while.

Hope everyone is having a good day x :D


Good evening.

I have survived :D. Only just........ but i have done it.

Thanks for all the supportive comments they are really appreciated. Kept me going this afternoon.

I find its not only the cravings but also the habit i struggled with today.

BUT nearly bed time :p:p so tomorrow is another day.

Ooh i have just realised.. Tomorrow i can post in day 2 !!!! How exciting haha its a bit like the advent calendar at christmas. :)


Hello Mabsky,

Welcome to the forum. You're doing brilliantly chuck. It has way more to do with the habit of it than the physical side. That's why distraction works so well. The psychological side of quitting is the hardest part, coming on this forum and posting as well as reading as much as you can about quitting will help no end with that.

Stay strong and stay with us :)

Molly x


Yes today when i really wanted one i kept saying to myself....

"NO i dont smoke " and kept repeating it over and over again .. :p well it worked for me.


That's the way! If it gets really bad just read some old posts on here.

When I first found this place I couldn't register so I read loads of old posts and it helped me enormously. In fact, I don't think I would have stayed off the cigs if it hadn't been for this place. If nothing else, it keeps you occupied for hours and hours!

You're doing the right thing Mabsky just keep going :)

Molly x


Thank you Molly xxx


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