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This time a year ago...


On March 12, 2002, I was trying to figure out how to push myself over the edge and actually make a serious attempt at quitting smoking.

I was convinced I would fail. Been there and done that several times.

I remember wondering if I should buy just one more pack, even though I had enough cigarettes to get through the day had it been a normal day. I wanted to make sure I had plenty.

I remember smoking a LOT that day. One after another.

I remember searching Google for something - anything - that might help. Maybe a smart phone app that could help me keep track of my quit? Maybe a stop smoking forum I could join?

My ashtray was overflowing, and for the first time in a long time I wasn't worried about stinking up the house. I was going to quit so what did it matter?

I remember being nervous, worried, doubtful, and scared. I remember pangs of nostalgia as I thought about abandoning my "friend" (the cigarette). I remember wondering how the heck was I going to get through meals, anxious times, relaxing times, alone times, up times, down times, travel times, reading a book times, browsing the computer times, cooking times, wine times, walking to the store times, and all the other times I had linked to smoking.

I remember wanting to quit THAT day - March 12, 2012.

Then I found WeQuit, and the incredible coincidence that March 14th was No Smoking Day. I didn't realize this was a British site, but that didn't matter.

There was an official No Smoking Day! Who knew!

So I decided then and there that I would quit on March 14th. I was so excited - in part because that meant I could smoke for another full day! Woohoo!

As it turns out, that extra day was helpful in terms of wrapping my brain around the idea that I was actually, really, completely, totally, and once-and-for-all quit.

I signed up, came back on the 14th, and the rest is history.

Yeah, I remember this time a year ago...and so to all of you newbies who are signing up for THIS year's No Smoking Day - welcome! You've come to the right place. Good luck, post often, and enjoy the ride! :)

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Not long now Dgee not long. I am looking forward to welcoming you into the

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