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Hiya, just wanted to drop in and say congratulations on taking the first step to FREEDOM

I was a devout smoker one year ago, I had been smoking for 29 years and was up to 30 cigs a day; I had 'smoking' as a hobby on my facebook profile! I 'enjoyed' smoking and never ever thought I could stop.

Well here I am 3 days away from the Penthouse... woo hoo!

Please hang in with the first few weeks it truly is worth it and YOU can do it.

Do not envy the people you see still smoking (they envy you btw) feel sorry for them!

My number one tip for you is there is no such thing as 'just one puff'. That puff will inevitably lead to a pack a day. This has been my mantra because I no longer want to be a smoker.

Good luck to you all xxx


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Fantastic post and very motivating for someone like me still in the early months of a quit and anyone just starting out.

A very well done for your fantastic achievement and I hope that you enjoy your 1 year anniversary :)

Donna x


Well done on doing almost a year!!

Was very much the same as you until December last year. Thought I liked smoking, couldn't quit, was doing it to be naughty etc *but* am so glad I stopped and would definitely encourage anyone thinking about stopping to do it!!

Am feeling better, smelling better, looking younger and have lots of extra cash - what's not to love?

It feels rough for a few weeks, but it's better than the alternative :eek:


Dot Dot

Just love reading posts like these. Be very proud. Well done:)

Fi x


See you soon Dotdot,the penthouse awaits you!:)


well done :)

Thank you for that very encouraging and motivational to a newbie due to kick nic out on 13th ! ..and a big well done on your success :)

I've tried twice ,want this to be my last quit..ive had enough of nic and all that goes with him.

Ready for weds :)



dotdot is absolutely correct. You must NEVER kid yourself that you can have just one (puff, cigarette, pack). That is, unless you want to be right back where you started, smoking and loathing yourself for it.

Yes, it's hard - VERY hard at the beginning for most of us. But that makes the achievement that much more worthwhile.

It gets easier and easier. I never think of smoking any more. I can barely imagine what it was like to smoke. I certainly don't have to plan my life around it - when will I have the next one, do I have enough to get through until tomorrow, etc.

When you quit successfully, you get your health back, you get your self-respect back, you get your pride back, you get your self-esteem back, you get to be a "normal" human being again. You can go anywhere, do anything without having to worry about the next cigarette.

Your home will smell better. You won't burn holes in your clothes. YOU won't stink - and believe me, when you smoke, you STINK.

You'll have money left over at the end of the day or week. I've saved over $2,000 so far. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to simply burn up $2,000.

So yes, it will be tough - for about three weeks. Maybe less, maybe more. It WON'T be tough the rest of your life.

Quit. Stay quit. Choose not to smoke. You can do it. We did it, and we're not superhuman. If we can do it, you can do it.



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