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Have let myself down :-((


Can't quite believe I have let myself down I really thought I had this quit in the bag but stupidly gave into the monster tonight. I feel really sad that I let this get the better of me was into day 11 for the first time in 28 years !! I felt so proud this morning after a massive crave last night I really thought this morning I CAN DO THIS f**k it :-( sorry for ranting will get straight back into it tomorrow x:(

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Thank u :-) just feel so bad at the mo with it being mummy's day tomorrow I have 3 amazing babies that I adore I wanted to do this for them as well as for me X

Your not alone!!

Hey Mrs C! It's happened to the best of us! I fell back into the trap last Saturday after nearly reaching a week but have signed up to the stop smoking clinic today so I'm all ready to jump back on that wagon, i've set my stop date for monday!

Trying to read as much as I can before then to get into the right frame of mind!

I've a 1 year old son also so I know where your coming from, we have to do this for our babies :)

Thanks Mrs Mash onwards and upwards ;/)) good luck with your quit on Monday I know we CAN DO THIS ;-) x

Thanks Max the support on here is amazing :-) I felt really strong this time don't really understand where it went wrong ? Maybe am over thinking things ? It's really quite simple when you actually think about it ;-)) xx

I know I know thank u X


Deliberate steady repeated calmly saying NO Mrs c.:)

What could be simpler than to 'not' do something?

This doesn't require 6 months gym training or 4 weeks intense typing practice,or learning to fly the high trapeze, and yet people find it hard as Hell.

It isn't hard.

It's EASY.

Just say NO.When you get the urge just dismiss it.EVERY TIME every single time,eventually the crave gives up ;)

What he said. :)

Think we have all done this, I have too in the past. Just forget it and get on with the quit.

Thanks Jeanie am more determined than ever today :) this will NOT beat me ( hope your having a lovely Mother's Day ) x

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