No Smoking Day
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Run out of fingers and toes!!

Even though I'm Cornish I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the days lol. Don't know where I'm up to.... 22/23 something like that.

Still here though. Using quickmist spray less and not chewing gum 24 7. Have had a difficult day today at work but have given myself the night off exercise class and am just chilling with my boys. All good though and feel like I'm winning.

Hope you're all winning too. :)

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Ha! I'm not down there at the moment. I left Cornwall 20 years ago but am Cornish born and bred, I was the first and only one of my siblings to cross the Tamar and leave Cornwall to live across the border. Miss it so badly though and can't wait to get back at Easter.


Ooh I thought you might be Cornish with a name like Pisky!!

You're doing brilliantly, well done :D


Well done Pisky, your sticking in there with me, keep it up you :) btw id say your on day 24 and if your sleeping it wont be long till day 25 :P


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