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No Smoking Day
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End of Week 3

Morning Gang!

Just a quick update from me, I'm now on day 21, the end of week 3. This time tomorrow I will be onto week 4 (Month 1 thread....BOOM!)

I had a busy weekend which always helps, but I was also around some smokers and a fair bit of alcohol but still I didn't smoke. Yes, its true, I'm awesome at this non-smoking lark :D

Anyways, I also started jogging with a friend. I haven't really walked any great distance in the past 10 years, let alone jog, so yes it almost killed me. Chest was sore, couldn't breathe... so unfit. If anything it opened my eyes to how much damage smoking does and has given me an added boost of confidence and determination. So my plan is to make the jogging a regular thing, as well as to just get fitter and healthier.

How is everyone? Did you all have a good weekend?

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Well done Craig! Onwards and upwards for you now. I bet you are pleased with your self quite right too!


Super Duper Craig !! keep it up m8 your doing fantastic :) One bit of advice tho, take it easy on the fitness part, build yourself up slowly, there is no rush unless your in training for the olympics :rolleyes: Keep it up lad im thinking your gonna be well rid of mr nic :)


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