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Week 4 in sight

Hey all!

Have been approaching this weekend with caution after the gloom of last weekend. It's working in my favour that I have a killer of a sore throat and I do feel kind of jittery but nothing like as bad as last weekend.

Got through my first night out since quitting. Took my lad out with a couple of mates. We went for a meal and on to see his first gig for his birthday treat. I thought going for a meal would trigger cravings but we were all that excited about seeing the band I didn't give it a thought. Helped that my mate who came to keep me company is a born again non smoker too.

Have plenty to keep me busy this weekend. Have told my dear husband to stay out the kitchen for the weekend (he's one of those rare males who's actually quite domesticated and likes to cook at weekends. Weirdo!!) So I've got that to do, plus a bit of gardening maybe, if its nice tomorrow and the airing cupboard needs sorting. Just general pottering. I am turning into a professional potterer.

Hope you're all winning :)

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Well, I didn't do any of the pottering I really intended to do. I faffed about for ages learning how to make an embroidery transfer, making the embroidery transfer, started said embroidery, made a prawn coconut curry with deep fried paneer cheese (sounds mad but was gorgeous) and rice. So that's filled my day. Now I might sink a few glasses and do some drunken embroidery. :D


Oi Pisky ! I love to make dinners for family so dont call us males that like to Weirdo's lol , love to bake and boil the spuds ect but anyway your doing great we both stickin in there, keep it up !!!


Lol Kat, if you pay enough i'll personnaly come cook yer dinner :D


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