No Smoking Day

Day 19

Well, still getting the wee cravings but beating them off, drinking right now, time is 11.30 pm and on my 8th bottle of bud........ would love a smoke but really i am surprised how easy it is to not have a cig, keep saying to myself that clean air is my drug now and the fact that i dont want to lose this battle keeps making me stronger i hope, anyway i hope your quitting fine, come on you lot it aint that hard, if i can do this you all can :)

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Sounding very positive there, Squinter:)

The cravings are easier to bat away now, aren't they? Having quit for 3 years before I knew all along that the hardest part is relatively short and it doesn't take long to get to the stage we're now at.

See you in week 4:)


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