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Day 3 x2

Hi everyone

This is my second attempt at day 3 after stopping cold turkey on monday night.

First was about 2 years ago, i started a new job, and was doing a stock take, it came to the end of the night and the guy i was doing the ST with offered me a ciggie on the way home, tired and exhausted i said yes, thinking no worries, will be my only one. about a month later i was back smoking regularly, after 8 months of quitting.

wanted to stop smoking before i was 30, so am doing it now. First time i stopped i found this forum and the tales from the quit blog, and that did help.

anyway, i know this site provides support. wonder if there are any others that stopped on monday too? would be glad to hear from you, or the older regulars for support.

been staying in so far, havent been out too much and have avoided places i would usually smoke, like my local coffee shop this week. went to play 5 a side football last night and was feeling ok then, usually have a ciggie on the way there and on the way back, but had some snacks instead.

not really getting really bad cravings, just the thought of smoking every now and again, and usually after eating im thinking about smoking too.

one day at a time though, right.

PS tried signing up to this with a new account, with a different email, no mod or admin has got back to me with an email confirmation, thought that was odd, as i wanted to post on day 2 at least.

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I had the same problem mate, confirmation emails weren't working when I joined so I had to contact Moderator 3 who did something to enable my account. Well done for getting back to quitting, it's so much easier to give in to the nicotine monster than it is to stand up to the little sod and say NO so be proud of yourself! You're doing really well, nearly past those foul first three days, so get ready to celebrate in Day 4 tomorrow. Rooting for you bud, keep on trucking :)

thank you, im trying here


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