Day 22! Still going strong!

Hello everyone - hope there's some people here who remember me! My laptop broke two weeks ago so I've not been on here (but am visiting my mum and using hers today) - but my last cigarette was in the evening on 6th Feb. My current count is 21d days 20 hours and I feel (maybe stupidly) like it's all done with - I did that giving up smoking thing and it's all finished!

I've mostly been fine with it. At the moment I'm a bit headachey and toothachey but in general I'm okay. I'm now starting on cutting down the drink as I had a cider or two nearly every night since stopping! The next 'job' which I think might be next week will be starting the exercise up again - I used to jog but haven't in over a year and didn't want to start until I felt 'done' with all the rest of it! I've put on a few pounds I think but I'm not worrying about losing it as I expect it'll happen easily enough once I start being active again.

It feels normal now not to smoke. I've walked down the road with a smoker without missing it, wanting one, or feeling deprived. I've been tipsy and not tempted, I've been on long relaxing walks with the dogs and not even thought about it. I no longer have to go outdoors in the rain and stand about for 5 minutes for no real benefit! My clothes don't smell anymore and I'm not wasting cash anymore (I'm pretty much all spending it on books instead, which is a *much* more rewarding way to spend my free time). I dont feel trapped when I go visit the in-laws for the day! I can go to the theatre, cinema, restaurants without a care in the world. My son doesn't have to smell it on me when I kiss him.

Why *do* we ever start? ;)

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  • Great to hear from you Claire! Im so glad that you are feeling so positive about this, wont be long until we've done our first month!!! See you there soon. :)

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