No Smoking Day
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Struggling a bit this morning :(

Morning everyone, had to log in early as I'm not having a very good morning! I'm staying in mums as its my day to take care of her and she wanted to get up for a smoke, I was soo tempted but put on a patch and say with her until she was ready to be taken back to bed. The damage is in front of my so why on earth would I still be tempted, am I thick!!!

This has been my biggest crave yet which is ok for day 4 but its not going to beat me I'm determined arrgghhhhh!

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Me too!!

]me tooI dont ususally come on so early myself but had an email to answer.

Im feeling a bit spacey myself this morning and am stressed too Mrs M.

But as the morning goes on and patch kicks in things get better.

Its day4 hip horray................your doing great.:D


Feeling a bit stronger now, just had a lozenger! Mum told me last nite she was very proud of me so I'll add this to my motivation!

Exactly I'd rather sweat it through a crave than go through was mum is going through!

Thanks for the support! It's great to be able to come on here and get support as soon as its needed!

It early yet so hope our day gets better Carol! As u say once the patch kicks in we'll be fine and sail through to day 5! Hope I have a lovely day you two x


Hang in there Ladies and positive thoughts, we are almost at the half week point which is another milestone reached.

The first cigarette when you haven't smoked for a few days always taste's horrid anyway and then you are filled with guilt and self pity that you have failed again and before you know it you are back on 15 fags a day and burning cash like there is no tomorrow!

Anyway you both can't leave me on my own!

Chas x


Lol! Aww don't worry Charlie, we're still here! Feeling much better thankfully :D

Glad your here with us :)


Good to hear that it's a little better Mrs Mash, keep busy and try to forget about the bloody things!!

We are all in this together and can help each other through the craves.


Keep going Mrs mash

Your doing great keep winning it does get easier xx


Thanks folks! Still going strong!

Hope your all doing well x


Im fine too.

Well done Mrs M for getting through the bad patch.

I was a bit stressed this morn but got on to work and now it 4 and I havnt really thought about smoking.:)

Cant wait until the first week is over even though its gone quick.:)


Happy days!

Great to hear Carol! I must say this has been my hardest day yet but at the same time it's good as I was able to get through it which had increased my confidence in myself a bit more!

Glad to hear your day got better!


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