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Day Sixteen

Good morning you lovely bunch of QUITTERS :p :D

Day 16 today, Just a quick update to let you all know that I am still here, plodding along, enjoying life.

Things really are pretty good at the moment, its amazing how much you can change in 2 weeks.... To think how stressed and emotional I was just 2 weeks ago, its crazy. So for me, giving up was easily worth it... 2 weeks of struggle for a lifetime smoke free seems like a pretty good deal to me. I know there are bound to be hard times further down the line, but it definitely feels like the worst is behind me. If I can cope with that, I can cope with anything.

How is everyone today?

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Thank you Kat, your words of encouragement and truly appreciated :)


Hi Craig,

I haven't been on a lot this week as I have been grouchy lol, and busy with work. Imagine that, them expecting me to actually put some work in while I am here LOL !!!!

Glad to hear you doing so well, that's awesome!!! No wish to be debbie downer here but wanted to also advise a bit of caution as well. I lost my quit at 27 days because I got overconfident and the quit was going so easy (or so I thought). Just my unsolicited thoughts sorry!!!! :eek:

Taks care



Hi Sherri, going to work and actually having to work :eek:?? I think you should go on strike!!

Thank you for your words of caution, I am fully prepared and trying not to be over confident. I have had a failed quit in the past at about 3 months where I thought I could turn into a "social" smoker. Quickly learnt that didnt work and went back to old ways. So I know that I can NEVER have another puff again, i have accepted that and I'm happy. At the same time i am on the lookout for when the beast will try to creep up and attack me.

I am glad you are doing so well, keep it up, you are going great :)


Hey Sherri im guessing one puff leads to another puff leads to a full cig then a full packet and so on, yep one cig will blow all that good work and prolly hard to get back on track, anyway Craig's thread and im glad to see your still here and feeling good m8, your doing great, keep it UP !


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