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Day 2 evening - my stratergy

Evening all.....we are all working our strategies to keep us smoke free......night times are when my urges start to ramp up so tonight i am going to drink caffine free tea......treat myself with 2no. Mr Kipling bramley apple pies (small ones mind)......and read The Girl who Played with Fire......then sleep I hope.....

What are your stratergies tonight?

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Hiya, it's good to plan the times when it's difficult isn't it, after reading someone else's post a minute ago, I'm going to have a nice long bath and read a book while having a Tia Maria and coke! It will kill a couple of hours then an hour of tv then bed! I'm so tired at the moment, can sleep for England tonight I think!!

Hope you get through it, keep going its sooo worth it xx


I've just started a fitness training program called "Insanity" - and it lives up to the bloody name - for me exercise is a real stress buster and I feel fantastic afterwards!

A beer also sounds appealing to me tho! :-)


Good book.It will keep you gripped and you wont even think about

Im just taking it a day at a time has been ok so far.


Good thinking people!

Tonight I'm off to join a choir, can't sing a note but I'm told it doesn't matter. Cover your ears guys!! I'll be going to Zumba tomorrow which I did as a smoker but am enjoying even more now.

I think trying a few different things that I never did as a smoker has helped. Crafts, different teas, home manicures......anything i don't associate with the evil weed.


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