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Day 15 over

Well it will be when i go to bed, been feeling very good, cravings hardly exist now, i am eating a lot not because its something to do but i really am hungry all the time now lol, so im tryin to eat a bit healthy as well doing my 15 mile cycle and hopefully not putting on to much weight, day 16 coming up next ! Hope your all doing well and sticking with the quit :)

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Hi Squinter

hope you wake up to day 16 still feeling good :)

smoking does help to suppress hunger as most smokers will think oh i will have a ciggy before and then if im still hungry i will eat

i found that drinking a small glass of water first when i felt hungry helped as dont forget your body is still recovering so is sending out all sorts of confusing messages so drinking a glass of water first will help with the waistline too

glad your not getting too many cravings now but dont forget if you do get one to try and distract yourself till it passes

onwards and upwards




Well done Squinter! Keep it up you are coasting along now!:)


Well done Squinter, you're doing brilliantly!!


Thx all, aye carol always keeping busy to beat any crave :)


Well done squinter, keep at it.:)


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