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Patches and an update

Well, it's 6 weeks clean as off 645 tomorrow morning :)

Friends have asked me.."is it hard?" and I would liken the experience thus far to childbirth. When you're experiencing a contraction(crave) it hurts and you swear you will not go through with this. But once it has passed, you are proud and more determined.

Ultimately, you have your baby (non smoking life) and in retrospect it doesn't seem that bad or painful! It also is 100% worth it - if the pain wasn't worth the prize everyone would stop at one baby!

Those of you just starting out, fight through the first few days and weeks. IT GETS BETTER!

I did stage one patches for three weeks, stage two for two weeks and stage three for just under a week. I was nervous about stopping so had a trial day knowing I could stick one on if necessary but I haven't felt any different :)

I think, I hope, I am done!! Keep on keeping on everyone you won't regret it xx

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Fag Ash Lil

Well done my love:). You are doing fab, just fab:)

Fi x


Oh well done, that's fab. And it's good to hear how you've managed the weaning off from the patches; am hoping I'll be able to do it a similar way.

It is rather like childbirth in many ways.

But please reassure me there isn't going to be anything akin to crowning? ;)


Hi fag ash nil. you must be feeling very proud of your self and so you should be you are doing just great:)


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