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Day 11 Going strong

At day 11 and a funny thought struck me this morning. I was at work and I suddenly started to feel odd like I needed something like you feel when you're hungry or thirsty. I was neither of those then it dawned on me, I was having a craving and I didn't even recognise it as such. I'm taking it as a good sign that I didn't automatically think *must smoke*

It's helped no end that this week has been unusually busy for me. Working extra hours to cover staff absence, school meetings for my 2 and other stuff going on to get me off my ass and out the house.

Hope y'all staying strong and happy:)

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Day 12 today then :D

hope your feeling better today and yes the side effects to quitting can be very strange indeed just remember to make sure your drinking plenty of water and if you start feeling weird just take slow deep breathes


Sounds like you have had a great day Pisky, keep it up! :)


Cheers m'dears.

I think the overriding feeling of the last couple of days when dealing with cravings is "I ain't got time for this sh*t" I really haven't stopped the last couple days and sleep is loads better.

Hope you've all got that fantastic, fag free Friday feeling:)


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