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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and I'm still alive!! :-)

Hello Gang!! Well I got over my mini stress attack (AKA Day 4) and have successfully made it to day 5!! I went out for food and a few drinkies last night and surprising I wasn't bothered about smoking at all. Probably helps that no-one I was with smoked :-) Today has been quite chilled, keeping myself busy and ignoring the cravings. So glad after yesterday.

How is everyone today?


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Well done Craig for getting over mini stress attack, it should become easier each day now to manage those craves.


Well done you trooper.

Sounds like your day 5 was better than mine. My days 1-4 were a walk in the park. Had a few cravings but felt strong and positive enough to resist. Last 2 days have felt physically wrecked.....nausea,dizzy,tired,ulcers,low mood. Hey but on the plus side the cravings aren't as bad.

I remember from my other long term quit going out for a meal/drinks is nerve wracking but as long as you're prepared it's ok. I made sure I never got too tipsy as that might have made my resistance weaker and always had gum on me.

Keep going, you're doing great. :)


Thanks so much guys. Reading all your replies and kind messages really does spur me on :-)


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