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10 Green Bottles

Well it's day 10 for me today and I really never thought I could make it this far. I was really apprehensive about yesterday day 9 as when I quit before bout 18 months ago this was the day I caved.

I do feel stronger and a bit wiser this time round though. I remember when I first tried to quit I really thought just get the first 3 days out the way then the nicotine is out of your body then you have cracked it. How naive was I. I now know that although I feel really good today I am still on guard and realise the monster can come up on you any time.

P.s does the weight gain settle down as my waistline seems to be expanding rapidly and it's only been 10 days. I don't even think I am eating loads more just a few sweets here and there....could be my answer lol...

I also want to say a big well done to my sister in law who is also on day 10 and a go lady to my mother in law who quit today. X

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Hi Ladybug

They say that once quit your metabolism slows and you can put weight on without eating or drinking any more than you used to.

I put 1/4 of a stone on at the beginning but it has all gone now and I'm on track to reach my target weight ... which helps with the fitness/cycling.

Have you heard the 10 green hand grenades version of the rhyme?

Could be more fitting for us quitters :D

Take care and well done getting to where you are :)



Hi Ladybug

I am on day 10 too with the use of patches, mistspray, e cigarette, not all at once though mind you :eek: just for different occaasions.

Like you I have been eating more sweets than I normally would and have put on a little weight, I have noticed though I haven't had any IBS problems since quitting, so maybe it was the nicotine after all.

Just about to start Allen Carrs book so hopefully this will contain any mental cravings for food that i don't need and help me get rid of all other cravings.

Good luck with your quit.


Hey Team

Thanks for all your support it certainly keeps you going. A few pounds is not a lot for a smoke free life although I am ashamed to say that putting on weight was one of my main factors of not giving up. Have worked my mind round that now and upped the gym and Shaun T sessions.

Buskies, great to find someone on same quit day... Day 11 for us today then and feeling a bit odd today but think that's because kids are home on school holidays and I have been trying to be good in the eating department.


Natural balance

Hi Ladybug

I have a feeling that our bodies will naturally balance out once we get over the initial increase in food consumption, it is just mentally treating yourself really which is what we did 30 times a day before. At least we can taste things better now and maybe get an idea of what our bodies really crave rather than just shovelling stuff down contstantly (my talent!)

If I look back I can see that I was either smoking, drinking, eating, snacking etc at least every half an hour, constant production line of nictone and food. No wonder I am overweight.

Good things though, only 1 glass of wine drunk and one can of diet coke so I have improved my health by 25 cans of diet coke and 3-4 bottles of wine.

Blimey :confused:


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