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10 Months

OMG, 10 calendar months yesterday. Today is Day 308, a whole 44 weeks smoke free. The Penthouse is in view ...

I'm exercising again, and losing the weight that the quit has caused me to gain, (even with Chrimbo, birthday and holiday weight blip in between :eek:), so everything is one the up! :)

To all the newbies and anyone struggling, same advice as usual, stick with it, breath deeply and get through it. This terrorist CAN be beaten.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone. :D

Shazza xxx

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Well done Shazza!

Hi Shazza, let me be the first to congratulate you on your 10 month quit! I am so pleased for you. I am working really hard getting the room ready for you in the penthouse to make it look really lovely for you. Thanks for your message to me too it is always great to hear from you.xxxx We will have a great party when you arrive can't wait!.xx


I'm exercising again, and losing the weight that the quit has caused me to gain,

Shazza xxx

Shazza, what have you done to lose the weight? I am really struggling with that? I know there is no secret but just wondered what got you motivated?


Thank you Hazel and Max.

Hazel - re the weight loss. I suppose I started to be a bit strict with myself, like I did with the quit, being mindful, but not beind on a diet as such. I'd put on a stone. I know that's not much in comparison to some, and also, not all of it I was due to the quit. I have a long standing back condition for which I had a massive exacerbation in June 11 and again in Jan 12, which forced a total of 4 months off work and a very sedentary lifestyle.

I got the OK for exercise again last Oct, but not the type of exercise that I used to do to maintain my weight. No running, or other high impact, which I'd always done to offset my love my food and wine! :eek:.

We started to be stricter with calorie consumption in the week. No holds barred on the weekend though! But most of it has been down to exercise. We bought bikes, joined a gym, started spinning classes, have a weekly swim. We built the exercise up gently. We're only doing about 3 exercise sessions a week, but we're now working ourselves quite hard (for our age!). Effectively, it's interval training, and it seems to be working. And it's now enjoyable, part of the routine. And with the bikes, it feels like a new hobby too! :)

I don't think age helps, our metabolisms are slowing, and we clearly don't have the energy we used to, but every little bit of activity helps.


Double well done you then! I have gained a stone and a bit. I am not so young either so I know it will be harder. I know it is down to hard work and commitment so..... I am starting today, I will let you know how I go on.:)


Thank you Lostie. A few pounds extra or an increase in dress size in the first year is, in my view, a small price to pay to be free of the fags. Never mind the damaging effects of smoking, which are inifinitely worse than being a little bit bigger.

Yes - you can get the weight off when the monster is in a deeper sleep. If you can stop smoking, you can do anything! :)


Good on you Hazel. Look forward to hearing about your shrinking waistline! xx


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